Switch Swirl Desk Mat
I made a desk mat!
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POM Keycap Review
OEM profile keycaps made of POM by Escape Keyboard!
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Hello Caps!
Diana Schrodinger! This cap makes me happy.
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A mech keyboard podcast!
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Beyond the Otosphere
More by LazyCaps!
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POM Jelly Keycaps​ Review – Escape Keyboard

The first time I tried POM keycaps was at a meet up back in January in Toronto.  While they sounded great, to be completely honest, I wasn’t 100% sold on them at that time. Fast forward to present day.  Escape Keyboard contacted me regarding some POM keycap sets he had been working on…

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Keycap Showcase

Diana Bongo Cat Schrodinger Hello caps

So, anyone who has spoken to me knows how much I REALLY dig this design. Hello Caps does two variants (most of the time) of this cap. One is the traditional bongo cat, while the other is this artistic and unique design which features the cat as half of a skeleton. This version of the cap is called Schrodinger bongo cat.

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What is ‘Keebcast’? Well, it’s a Mechanical Keyboard Podcast hosted by @chasedotgg @alexotos & @spacecables! Take a look at we are discussing in each episode.

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Episode 4 of my artisan keycap series. I plan to feature as many artists that I truly like and give you unbiased thoughts of who I feature. I love this hobby and love all the people in the community.


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