battle bear
A fun keycap by LazyCaps
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pokemon caps
Gorgeous Pokemon caps from S-Craft Studio.
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lo-ki caps
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setup tips -wallpapers
Some free high-res wallpapers to use with your setup. Taken by me!
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The coolest demons in town?
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Keycap Showcase

Battle Bear By LazyCaps

I was urged to check out LazyCaps by a user in the artisan community known as Texthedestroyer. He was telling me that I would take one look at the caps made by Johnny at LazyCaps and fall in love instantly.

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Keycap Showcase

Pokemon Keycaps by S-Craft Studio

Okay, when these first popped up by a new company by the name of S-Craft Studio I was skeptical at first. I thought to myself, this has to be too good to be true. Pokemon keycaps and they look insanely detailed?!

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Keycap Showcase

Lo-Ki Caps

Amazing. I wish I could just write that and it could convey my thoughts. The casting quality is great and what I really love the is the polish on these guys.

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Episode 4 of my artisan keycap series. I plan to feature as many artists that I truly like and give you unbiased thoughts of who I feature. I love this hobby and love all the people in the community.


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