About Me

Who am I?

Hey there, I’m Alex! I am a 30-year-old living in Toronto.  I have a passion for photography and tech, and I absolutely love the community surrounding it.

I started taking photos of niche tech items and my computer setup in 2018. It started as a personal collection of photos of interesting items I picked up and along the way, people wanted more. I decided to make this website as a hub for anyone looking to get into gaming, keyboards, and audio. The goal I had in mind was, and is, to create a welcoming and friendly community for any like minded individuals.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together!

Recently featured on NYMag’s The Strategist.

Twitch Stream

Live Keyboard Builds

I like to game and take photos, and recently I’ve been into keyboards and keycaps! I started streaming in December 2019 and oh boy has it been a fun ride so far. I started taking a bit more seriously in March and it’s evolved into what it is today!

It is and always will be my goal to create a fun and welcoming community, all while having fun and making a supportive group of people for everyone to hang out with.

A huge part of how I got started on social media is Instagram. I post new photos there regularly and have a huge passion for taking photos.

Some of my favourite photos are macros, and flat lays, but I love taking photos of my battlestation and work spaces.