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Keycap By: Chase, SpaceCables, Alexotos
Photos taken in House by alex

The 'Keebcast'

What is “Keebcast”? Well, it’s a Mechanical Keyboard Podcast hosted by @chasedotgg @alexotos & @spacecables!

We have one major goal in mind and that is to introduce new people into the hobby, while sharing our own experiences to act as a guide.  We totally understand that getting into something new can be daunting and this hobby is no exception. Hopefully, our conversation regarding switches, keycaps, boards, parts, and more are not only helpful but also entertaining. We promise we aren’t here to put you to sleep!

Synopsis Ep. 3 by Chase

This episode starts off with a basic discussion on the different types of switches out there and what Chase, Ragan, and Alex each prefer. They then move into what to look for and what to avoid when buying off second-hand markets like r/mechmarket. The conversation then moves to fun things each of the hosts have going on in the near future. They definitely loosened up for this portion of the podcast. We hope you enjoy it! 

Synopsis Ep. 2 by Chase

In this episode, Chase, Alex, and Ragan start off by talking about the various different sizes and styles of keyboards. The conversation then switches over to keycap sets and the different profiles that exist. We hope you enjoy the episode and that it brings you some level of value.

Synopsis Ep. 1 by Chase

This is a hobby that has proven difficult to get started in, passed buying a gaming-style keyboard with mechanical switches. To ease the pain of initiation into the hobby, Chase has partnered up with Alexotos (@alexotos on Instagram and @otosalex on Twitter), a master of photography and just what looks visibly appealing, who in the past 6 months has really started to establish himself as one of the great rising stars in the mech community. I also have the pleasure of working with Ragan from SpaceCables.net (@spacecables on Instagram and @Space_Cables on Twitter). Ragan has one of the fastest-growing custom cable companies within the industry and wants to share his perspectives as someone who is also fairly new to the community.


MUSIC CREDIT: www.twitter.com/bentfromtexas 

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