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commission status: open
current wait time is roughly 3-4 weeks

i build all commissions live on twitch.

Keyboard Assembly

If you currently have a keyboard kit and the parts to go with it and lack the tools to put it together or are looking for someone to solder down some switches into your new board, I can help!

Prototype Builds & Content

If you have a board that you want to show the world over a live stream, and maybe a YouTube video, this is something I offer! Inquire for more details.

Switch Lubing

Whether you need this as a stand alone service or bundled with your build, I am open to hand lubing & modding your switches. Prices start at $1.30 a switch and vary with what mods are needed i.e films, spring swapping etc...

Quick Turn Around Times

If you need this done by a certain date, I can work with you to schedule the build for then.

Pricing & Info

Switch Modification

Switch modding starts at $1.30 for basic lubing. For the works (lubing, filming + more) it is on average $1.80~ depending on the mods needed.

Keyboard Assembly (no handwired & does not include mill-max)

40%-75% | $50
TKL | $60
TKL+ | $75 

For mill-max sockets, please inquire!


This is a flat fee of $65 USD. All desoldering is done with the use of a Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Tool.

Remember that all materials, with the exception of lubricant, solder and dielectric grease, must be provided by the owner unless discussed otherwise. All parts, like stabilizers, films etc are also to be provided if needed. Prices do not include return shipping and/or duties.

Another note: PLEASE AVOID FEDEX FOR SHIPPING. They have insane duty fees and are awful to deal with. Fed Ex also has huge delays with customs invoicing and sometimes I won’t receive the amount owing until months after the fact.


  • If there are any kit damages that are present upon arrival, it will be noted and confirmed with the user. 
  • You are required to ensure the functionality of the PCB, this will be re-tested when it is received. If any problems arise, you will be notified.
  • Please provide at least 5 extra switches in case of defects or switch issues.
  • Please provide the correct size and amount of stabilizers, and if you’d like them to be modded. i.e clipped, lubed etc.
  • Providing keycaps is optional, if we build this on stream a basic set will be used to test.
  • Type of lube for the switches. All switches will be lubed in my traditional lubing method.


Prices in USD

Frequently Asked Question

Costs vary per build, but typically most builds do have a small cost depending on the complexity of it + the cost of shipping both ways. Check the prices in this block!

At this time I can not aid in sourcing cases or parts that were past group buys, limited-time sales or from different vendors. As much as we love too, it’s very time-consuming and difficult. There are import fees associated with items and it would be to confusing to keep track of.

A time frame will be given upon discussing the build proposal, and also depending on when the item is received.  But it’s usually rather quick!

At this time, I take it on a case by case basis. I would prefer if you shipped the package as a single unit to avoid confusion with packages and excess duties.

Most will! If it gets too busy, then it won’t be, but please put in the notes if you want it streamed on my twitch page.

I typically try take fancy photos of everything, but it’s not a guarantee and any additional media wanted by the owner needs to be discussed.

If you’re looking to inquire, please fill out the form below! Remember, I don’t source parts. At it’s core, this is a build service.

Build Request Form

Personal Info

In case I need to contact you off emails

Keyboard Info

Case Name
i.e Materials like aluminum or FR4 you want on the build.
Please specify your layout, for example 7u spacebar, stepped caps, etc
Tuning Preference - All build are required to provide stabs.
Switches Require Lubing?(Required)