Where to buy mechanical keyboard parts and keycaps

A list of vendors for cool keyboard accessories, keycaps, and parts!

Last update - 06\14\2024

The List

This is a personal list of vendors and designers that myself and my community have grown to love and use often! Think of this more of a “where to buy keyboard keycaps and parts” list more than anything else.

I try to maintain and curate a list of vendors that I personally trust to help others. I do remove vendors that have terrible track records, caught to be scamming, or just have continuous negative customer experiences being reported. To be clear, they are not left on the list and crossed out, I just full out remove them.

Also, please refer to the legend below for stars. I record places that I have personally shopped and places that I am affiliated with.

Note: These are just websites I’ve come across or know of.  See below the lists for more details about being added to this list. I will also not be listing major retailers.

 Black or white Stars are vendors/companies and artists I’ve personally ordered from or worked with.

 Blue stars are brands I am affiliated with or thoroughly support. If you all ever want to further support me and you happen to be buying things from them, please consider using my affiliate links / pages if available.


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Where I Often Shop


There seems to be a string of once trusted vendors in this hobby being shady. Let’s not hide behind niceties and call it what it is, they are poorly run companies leaving and not delivering products.  The vendor list is still edited very often and I do remove vendors who I catch wind of doing this. However, I am adding a new section, where I shop most often.

This is a non-paid for list and it’s just places I shop at for parts personally. Let me be clear, I shop at a lot of places and have also been ripped off, and the below isn’t a definitive list of the only trust worthy people, but it’s the people I’ve never had issues with. And again, this has nothing to do with sponsorships, affiliations or anything of that nature. The purpose of this is to provide a personal shopping list. These could also change in the future.

Please be safe while shopping and spend wisely. Don’t put yourself in a bad situation financially for a hobby. If you are ever curious about a vendor, just ask politely in a community server.



  • This depends on what Im looking for, but I just stick with Cherry Clip Ins. I just order mine from RNDKBD.



  • I get these from basically any of the above listed vendors, but lately I just order tons from NovelKeys, RNDKBD or Mech Land.


  • Same as lubricant, but I typically just go with Mech Land or NovelKeys. Any of the above work.

As for keyboard kits, I can’t give you a good list here as it totally varies, but if you’re worried, stick to the vendors above or even people in the sponsor list. Honestly, if you want your first kit, try KBDFans, Mode or even places like ClickClack.

Keyboard Parts/Kits Vendors


 Unikeys – Switches, parts & accessories (coupon code alexotos for a small discount!)
Deskhero – Keyboards, accessories, and headphones.
Ashkeebs – Keycaps, keyboards, parts, accessories. – stachekeebs for 5% off
Zeal – Switches, parts & kits.
Keyspresso – Keyboard parts and accessories.
ApexKeyboards – Canadian keyboard supplies.
MTBkeys – Canadian keyboard case manufacturer.
Vintkeys – Vintage keys & accessories.
Minokeys – Keyboard Parts & accessories.
Mech Land – Keyboards & accessories.
Malvix Studio – Keyboards parts & accessories.
Keyz.io – Keyboard kits
RNDKBD – Keyboard kits/parts – ALEXTHEGOAT for 5% off
Shockport – Keyboards parts & accessories
 HypeKeyboards – FR4 Plates
X-Bows – Ergo Mechanical Keyboards
TurtleKeebs – Switches, lube, etc.
Osume Keys – Keycaps and accessories
Clickety Split – Split Keyboards & Accessories.
MajorKB – Lubricant
Omega Keys – DIY kits, keyboards and switches.
ONEofZero – Keyboards and mice!
 Keybay.tech – Keyboards, switches and more!
 BeaverKeys – Switches, keycaps, and more. – ALEXOTOS for 5% off!
Feng Studio – Keyboard tools and accessories.


Kinetic Labs – Keyboards accessories
From Scratch – Keyboard cables & other custom keyboard accessories
Space Cables – Keycaps, cables, and accessories.
 Omnitype – Accessories,  keycaps, & more.
Mode Designs – Keyboards & parts.
 Novelkeys – Lots of stuff [NOTE I WORK FOR NK]
 Zepsody – Switches & accessories. alexotos for 5% off
Flashquark – Keycaps & various parts
Stupid Bullets Tech – Keyboard accessories – alexotos for 5% off
Dangkeebs – Keyboards, parts & more – alexotos for 5% off
 DROP – General keyboard goods.
 Mechanical KeyboardsTons of keyboard parts + kits.
 KeebsForAll – Code “ALEXOTOS” for 5% off!
 ClickClack – Keyboard Kits and Parts
Ordinary Labs – Keyboards Kits
 The Key Dot Company
Originative Co
Asceny Gear
Cannon Keys
Meow Key – Keycaps, switches and storage
Teal Technik – Website for accessories
Prime Keyboards – Parts and accessories
Little Keyboards – Parts and PCBs.
Keycult – Premier high-end Keyboards.
Ringerkeys – Lube and accessories.
Clawsome Boards – Keyboard parts and macro kits!
Divinikey – Parts & accessories
Bolsa Supply – Keyboards parts
Vala Supply – Keycaps and accessories – ALEXOTOS5 for 5% off
Keeb.io – Parts, kits and more!
415Keys –  Keyboard parts and switches.
 American Haptics – Keycaps and silicone work mats.
Thockeys – General parts & accessories
1upkeyboards – Kits, parts & accessories
Keyspensory – Keycaps and more!
cbkbd – Keyboard Kits
Hippokeys – Keyboard parts & Accessories
Zen Clack – Keycaps and parts – alexotos for 5% off
pkkeyboards – Switches and Accessories – alexotos for 5% off!
Invokeys Co. – Switches and Accessories
Upgrade Keyboards – Custom Keyboards and Accessories
 Thockpop – Keyboards parts
Tomocaps – Keycaps
Milktooth – Try-at-home switches
Nonamekeys – Handmade Artisans
Wired In Store – High End Cables
Keebfront – Switches and more!
Poverty Keys – Keyboard parts
Keebhut – Switches and more!
Keebco – Stabilizers and parts
KeebMonkey – Keyboards, keycaps and more.
Apos Audio – Keyboards, keycaps and some audio stuff!
Odin PC – Keyboards and performance deskpads.

Central/South America:

Fancy Customs – Keycaps, keyboards & parts
LatamKeys – Keyboards parts and accessories 
RHESET – Keyboards part & accessories 


Keyhive – Parts and unique keyboard items.
Hexkeyboards – Keycaps & accessories 
AVX Works – Plates


Kibou – Keyboards and Parts. – code “alexotos” for 5% off
Wuque Studio – Keyboards and accessories.
Createkeebs – Keyboards kits and parts!
Chosfox – Kailh Chocs, Switches, Keyboard, Keycaps and Accessories.
KBDfans – Parts, kits, & pre-assembled boards.
Graystudio – Keyboard kits
kprepublic – Parts, keyboards & accessories
Percent Studio – Custom keyboard
Monstargear – Keyboards and accessories.
Melgeek – Parts and cases + extras!
iLumKB – Parts
Yushakobo.jp – Keyboards & accessories.
Kochi Keyboard – Keyboard parts
Mechkey Store – Keyboard accessories & cables
Swagkeys – Keyboards & parts
Pantheon Keys – Parts & accessories
Momoka – Switches, keycaps, and switch testers
Basekeys – Keycaps and keyboards
Chaosera – Keyboards and parts
Geon Works – Keyboards Parts & More
Talpkeyboard – Wide variety of keyboard stuff
GoblinTechKeys – Keycaps and stuff
Monokei – Keyboards, keycaps and more.


 Hibi MX – Mechanical keyboards, keycaps, and storage.
Switchkeys Australia – Keycaps and parts!
Keyboard Treehouse – Keyboard kits / parts
Treehouse Hobbies – Local page of the above.
Daily Clack – Kits, parts and accessories
KeebNCables – Keyboards, parts and cables.
MtnKbd – Keycaps, switches and accessories.
Mechstock – Keyboard parts and accessories.
Custom KBD – Acrylic keyboards
AllCaps – Keycaps and parts.
Thocc Supply – Keyboards and parts.
Cafege – Keyboards parts and accessories.
Keebd – Variety of different form factor keyboards.
Prestige Keys – Switches and accessories.
CLS Tech – Keyboards, parts and more.
Naja Keys – Keycaps, parts and accessories.
Keyper – Switches, keycaps and keyboards


Antipode – Keyboard Kits
Salvun – Keyboards projects, parts, & more. AlexTatos 5% discount on orders of 50Euro and up
Delta Key Co – Keyboards parts, & more.
Candykeys – Keyboard stuff
Keygem – Keyboards and accessories.
KeebMat. – Keyboard mats
FalbaTech – Keyboard kits
 Mekanisk – Keyboards & accessories
Keebwerk – Keyboards & accessories
Splitkb – Split keyboards and accessories
Keycapsss – Keyboards parts
Eloquent Clicks – Keyboards & accessories
42. Keebs – Kits, parts & accessories
KBnordic – Switches & accessories
Maxgaming – Keyboards and gaming items
keyoo – custom keyboard parts
Cable Hero – Custom cables
Keebstuff – Cables and stuff!
Geekboards – Keyboards, keycaps and more
Le Clavier – Keyboards and parts


 Mechboard.co.uk – Keyboards & accessories
MechSupply / Uk-Keycaps  – Keycaps
Mechbox – Keyboard accessories
Cablecult – Cables & parts
Kiwi Keebs – Parts & accessories
Keebcats – Parts & accessories
 Protozoa Studio – Keyboard accessories
 Prototypist – Keyboards, accessories and more
Keycrox – Customizable keypads and switch testers
MechMods – Keyboards, accessories and more
Serpent Keys – Keyboards, parts, and accessories.


CtrlShiftEsc – Keyboards and accessories
Cookie Atom – Custom Cables


StacksKB – Keyboard parts & accessories.
Meckeys – Keyboards and accessories.
Neo Macro – Keycaps and more

Another great tool to use is keebmap! It’s a great interactive map of some great vendors in the hobby!

Thank you to coinstorm_ for all the help to the UK / EU List.


Here is the deal with these artisan keycaps. These are typically done in group buys or in some rare cases, commission. Most of the smaller artists just use Reddit, Instagram or newsletters. Follow their accounts for when they release new caps or are having a sale.

As reference, I will add their selling methods to better organize what kind of vendor they are.

Dwarf Factory – Website
TXDCaps – Instagram
Systematik Kaps – Instagram
Jelly Key – Website
Bobkeycaps – Instagram
Latrialum – Instagram/Newsletter
Tinymakesthings – Site/Instagram
PrimeCaps – Website
Brocaps – Instagram
Wildstory Caps – Instagram
Capsmiths – Website
Keyforge – Web/Instagram
Goth Caps – Instagram
Archetype_mk – Instagram
Mohawk Keycaps – Instagram
Nightcaps – Instagram
Keyluminati.co – Instagram
LazyCaps – Instagram
Bludgeoned Kaps – Website
Colored Controllers – Website

Dccaps – Instagram
Brewcaps – Instagram
Rathcaps – Instagram
Frumpzkeys – Website
Badch4d – Instagram
GafCaps – Instagram
zorbcaps – Website
ProjectKey – Instagram
Lo-Ki Caps – Website
La Plastique – Website
Sludgekidd – Instagram / Website
Alpha Keycaps – Website / Instagram
Mimiatures – Etsy / Instagram
Astrokeys – Website
Clackeys – Website
trmkcaps – Instagram
S-Craft – Website
RTG Caps – Instagram
Artkey – Website
KeyCravings – Website
T-Lab – Instagram
Atoworks – Instagram


Apparel, accessories, and anything mech related goes here!

MarbleK – Marble Wrist Rests
Modern Coup Cases – Keyboard Cases!

Are you a vendor and don't see yourself on this list?

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