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Switch Swirl Desk Mat

Designed By: alex
Hosted by The Key Dot Co

About the Design

To quickly catch everyone up, I made a desk mat which you can purchase until April 1st 2020 via The Key Dot Company!

I’m really proud of it. I wanted something that had bright and bold colors, but that could be used with a variety of different set combos and still look good. I selected my favourite colors and a design aesthetic that I love and created this. 

Everything was illustrated by hand and I really enjoyed the whole process of doing this. It actually started off as just a process to design something for a sticker I was working on and then I wanted a unique background no one else had. 

But Alex the design is so chaotic...

This was designed by me, and truthfully, for me. A lot of people were asking for it to be made as a wallpaper and then TKC reached out to me and proposed a desk mat. Which was really exciting for me.

The desk mat has the following specs:

  • Stitched edges
  • 3mm thick
  • High quality printing process
  • 900mm x 400mm

The Japanese in the design means “Keyboard Switch”, which fit the area I wanted some text it aesthetically and translates to my favourite part of this hobby, which is swapping out the switches.

Some questions I've been getting...

How is this mat for gaming?

To put it simply, the mat is a cloth mouse pad and feels smooth to game on. I’m not huge into gaming pads myself, but I’ve been told these types of mats that are better suited for better control. 

What switch is in the design?

It was originally designed around a Holy Trash Panda but I’ve made the change to better suit an MX brown switch, which is the first switch I used in the hobby of making my own custom board. 

Are there proxies?

Currently, you can buy it from the following places:

If you end up picking up the desk pad, thank you in advance! I’d love to see your setup once the units ship out and you get them! 

If you want to discuss more design things and keyboard goodness, please feel free and join us in our community discord!


ps. Here are the wallpapers: 

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