A deskpad & wallapaper

Desk Mat

Designed By: alex
Design Hosted by The Key Dot Co

About the Design

The Key Dot Company x Switchkeys is currently hosting one of my new designs that we dubbed the Candymat! It has a smokey abstract styling using some negative space to help keep the direction of the design. 

The story behind this is the following out. Switchkeys reached out to me asking me to work with them on a new RGB deskmat and to use one of my designs. So, I did! We actually did the basis of this design on Discord together which was actually really fun to get feedback as it progressed.

I ended up using AI to help create the flow and then hand drew in the smoke clouds. I finalized it in illustrator and did some color alterations and sent it off to Switchkeys for a prototype. Which we really liked!

How does the RGB work?

It’s simple! It uses a small USB powered hub on the top left of the mat, and has various light modes that you can click through as well as two brightness modes that require a double click of the hubs button.

The desk mat has the following specs:

  • Original design by me!
  • Stitched edges
  • USB Powered
  • Various Solid Light Cycles
  • Several Effects like Strobe, Breath, Wave, Pulse
  • Low-Profile light strip. You barely notice it’s there when off.
  • High quality printing process.
  • 900 x 400 x 3 mm
In the Dark

Some questions I've been getting...

How is this mat for gaming?

To put it simply, the mat is a cloth mouse pad and feels smooth to game on. I’m not huge into gaming pads myself, but I’ve been told these types of mats that are better suited for better control.

Was there any inspiration for the design?

Yes! I did a photoshoot many years ago of some people holding smoke grenades and that’s where the direction of the smoke comes from! Smoke creates a very textured yet style in a still, so I wanted to convey that in this mat.

Are there proxies?

Currently, you can buy it from the following places:


If you end up picking up the desk pad, thank you in advance! I’d love to see your setup once the units ship out and you get them!

If you want to discuss more design things and keyboard goodness, please feel free and join us in our community discord!


ps. Here is the wallpaper:

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