hire me for consulting

Here is what this is:

I have a lot of years of value to bring to any creative space with my experience in content creation, design and social media marketing. This is for people who have a creative spark and want help fostering it. I am currently only offering 30 min time slots, if you need something longer or have different needs, contact me! 

Pricing & Info

Here are the current topics I offer:

  • Careers in Content Creation: If you need help starting or navigating the world of social media and content creation, let’s talk.
  • Productivity & getting things done: Let’s chat about how to make things happen in your day and try to avoid the burnout.
  • Custom Keyboard Consulting: If you want some help picking out parts and general advice.
  •  Marketing & Social Media: Tips, tricks and in depth advice on what to look for with socials/marketing.

    Pricing starts at $50 USD for consulting, please inquire for pricing.

If you have any other needs, please contact me first here!