Toronto Photo Walks with a Leica M11 // 2024

This year is about learning something new, among other goals. One of those new things is to get back into bringing my camera with me everywhere and taking photos of things I see. More than that, it’s about discipline and getting better. I bring my Leica M11 everywhere with one of a few lenses. I have been focusing more on my 35 Summicron and 50mm Summilux

What I’ve learned so far? Toronto is very monochromatic and dull in some areas. This doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty in the city though. Below is a gallery of what I’ve found so far. I hope you like it.

Editing wise, I’ve been really telling myself to hold back with punching the contrast. I typically love using contrast and bold colors for some of my keyboard shots, but my goal was a feeling of actually being there and softer tones for these photos. I’ve actually made the swap to regular Lightroom instead of the classic version since it feels more stream line to me now.

My goals for next time? Get closer to my subjects. Make a theme and stick with it. Keep on learning. Keep on being creative. I have a few photos here I absolutely love, but I want to keep on getting better. I hope you enjoyed these photos! See you next time.