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ArtKey Universe Canada Exmor

Keycap By: ArtKey
Photos taken in House by alex

ArtKey Universe - Impressions

To start off this cap impression/review I have to also include that it did take longer than the anticipated time to receive this cap upon paying. The communication between the people in the private group buy and the makers was rather thin as well. With that being said, this experience could have definitely been better with more prompt or better timeline visibility between the people commissioning the cap, and the makers.

Now that I’ve said my piece about that, I want to show you all the Canada Exmor by ArtKey Universe.  This cap was a private commission done by some members of the Canadian Mech Keys Discord community where everyone participating in conceptualizing the cap.  I think the end result is great and looks very close to what we had as a concept.

Keycap Quality

The keycap quality presented to us is outstanding. There are no noticeable resin flaws and the saturation and contrast of the cap are absolutely gorgeous. The snow behind the helmet also glows and looks fantastic (please note I don’t have a UV light to charge it). I do wish the ‘snow’ part of the keycap was more white, but the warmer color does come from the glow in the dark element of the resin.

Other than that, comparing it to our concept images, the cap is stunning I am extremely happy with it.

It also comes in a very attractive leather pouch and all resign capsule, pictured below. It’s definitely a nice tough and I was really blown away with it.

Stem Fit

Mounting commission caps always make me nervous. But this one was totally okay. It went on my Durock switches with some snugness, but after inspecting it, it was free of damage or cracks. I’ve mounted it on a few different boards with no issue.

Finish & Thoughts

I dig the cap, I also really dig the finish of the helmet. Again, with the exception of the delays and sparse communication, I really do think ArtKey does great work. I am super happy to have this in my collection of caps!

The Canada Exmor on a Space65.

How did you take these photos?

Camera equipment used is a Sony A7rii and a 55mm Sony FE Zeiss f/1.8 with some macro tube extensions. I also use continuous LED panels to set up these shots for lighting. 

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