keycap showcase

Badch4d Daffy v2

Keycap By: BadCh4d akaChad Dizon
Photos taken in House by alex


First and foremost, I wanted to introduce something new I will be doing in these showcases.  I am going to be sharing my thoughts within three categories; Keycap Quality, Stem fit, Finish. Well, here we go!

Keycap Quality

Chad really knows how to make his sculpts have character, and this is no different. The cast and quality of the cap is superb, there are a few texture blemishes that are really only visible under a macro lens and not when on a keyboard or in hand. His Daffy sculpt in this case has a great amount of details to really show the expression on the keycap and I couldn’t be happier.

Stem Fit

This is usually what I’m really critical about. Chad’s stem fit was great. I typically like tighter fitting stems, and while was a bit tighter going on, it was snug and secure with all other swaps I made. One thing I tend to really dislike is extremely loose stems, and I can safely say this was devoid of that.  Note that the stem also varies on the tolerance of the switch stem itself. 

Finish & Thoughts

The paint finish and colors are amazing! Simply said, I really enjoyed how well this went with my Nautilus set, even this this color pallet is based around the KAT Eternal set. I love Chad’s work and the obvious amount of effort he puts in this. If you are looking to buy the keycap in the photo please visit BadCh4d’s Instagram page here.

How did you take these photos?

Camera equipment used is a Sony A7rii and a 55mm Sony FE Zeiss f/1.8 with some macro tube extensions. I also use continuous LED panels to set up these shots for lighting.

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    1. Hey there! As stated in the article it’s from BadCh4d! 😀 You can check his instagram in the links in the article. He runs drops / sales via that platform.

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