keycap showcase

Battle Bear

Keycap By: LazyCaps
Photos taken in House by alex


I was urged to check out LazyCaps by a user in the artisan community known as Texthedestroyer. He was telling me that I would take one look at the caps made by Johnny at LazyCaps and fall in love instantly. Well, I did! The detailing is incredible on these caps and you can 100% see how much love goes into these.

Keycap Quality

As I said these caps are very nice in the quality department. To put the quality in perspective, take a look at the photos and zoom into the details. Not only are they well detailed, but it is such a fun and colorful cap. To better put this into perspective as well, this is all done with resin and you can see different styles and colors that go into this, for example, the eye has sparkles in it.

Not only is the cap great, but the packaging was also amazing and well thought out. Truly a great experience all around and a lot of love goes into all aspects of this cap.

Stem Fit

As a note, I did warm this stem up with some warm water before putting it on the cap to loosen up the cap’s stem, which is normal and helps the cap grip the stem of the switch. Other than that, the butt of the cap was well done and even has some extra fun details on the inside.

Finish & Thoughts

If you want some fun design by an awesome artist and someone who takes pride in their work, look no further than LazyCaps. Seriously, go check his instagram and website out and see all the crazy colorways he has to offer.

How did you take these photos?

Camera equipment used is a Sony A7rii and a 55mm Sony FE Zeiss f/1.8 with some macro tube extensions. I also use continuous LED panels to set up these shots for lighting. 

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