Battlestation Setup Tips / Guide - Part 3

My personal journey into building my setup and tips on how to take your setup to the next level.

Battlestation Discussion 3

Ouf, it’s been an extra week in between the articles but here comes our setup discussion number three! We will be dissecting my setup (somewhat) and answering a lot of questions of what everything is exactly and what improvements I’d do. There isn’t going to be a podcast to this one since this is more a list and I don’t want to drone on about products when you can just use this handy dandy hotspot map below. So, lets jump right into this. 

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My Setup

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battlestation setup

DxRacer chair


Asus PG349Q 34″ Wide screen monitor w/ Gsync


Acer X27 27″ 4k Monitor 144hz w/ Gsync


Rode ProCaster Dynamic Microphone