Battlestation Setup Tips / Guide - Part 3

My personal journey into building my setup and tips on how to take your setup to the next level.

Battlestation Discussion 3

Ouf, it’s been an extra week in between the articles but here comes our setup discussion number three! We will be dissecting my setup (somewhat) and answering a lot of questions of what everything is exactly and what improvements I’d do. There isn’t going to be a podcast to this one since this is more a list and I don’t want to drone on about products when you can just use this handy dandy hotspot map below. So, lets jump right into this. 

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My Setup

Click the red circles for info! Please note this is intended to be viewed on your desktop but I've done my best to make this awesome for mobile too! The red circles are clickable and there is links in all the text!

Okay, that was a lot to go through. In case you missed it, you can click on all the dots and I’ve tried my best to give everyone links to the products. Shall we go through some of them?

 1. My chair, it’s not the best thing in the world and I will be hoesnt, I do love the way the Herman Miller chairs look and how highly praised they are. For now the DxRacer is decent chair.

2 + 3. My 34″ widescreen monitor is a blast to watch widescreen movies on and looks great! I have to admit, games like The Witcher 3 look amazing on it. Color accuracy is pretty good, as it should be for a 1k+ monitor. Controls are simple and the the refresh rate and response rates are great! My only complaint is the light bleed is excessive for this monitor when you’re on darker photos.

The Acer x27 blows me away every-time I consume any HDR content. I seriously wish more games were in HDR. There is haloing with this monitor due to the led zones for the HDR but you really don’t notice.

4. Tobii 4c Eye tracker – I’ll be honest it’s a fun toy and it’s great for logging into Windows with my face, but I’ve played one game that supports it.

5. Nanoleaf panels! I love these.

6+7+8. This is hands down probably the best bang for your buck dynamic microphone I’ve tried. Period. The shock mount is great and the boom arm is amazing.

9-13. My computer! This is another article all together, so once I write that I will make sure to link back to this one.

14-16. This is what all my audio runs through. The Audeze headphones run through the Marantz DAC 1 and the Rode Procaster goes into my Komplete Audio box. I’ve tried to also make this aesthetically pleasing but surround it with some plants and using the lights from my PC to my advantage. I even made sure the AMP had wood panels on it to match my wood desk!

17. These are plants!

18. The Glorious Model O. Ah, the world of mice is another fickle beast. I do love this mouse but I do prefer the clicks on my Logitech G Pro. 

19. Novelkeys makes some cool products and this was one of them. I love space and this space themed desk pad was a must buy for me.

20. TOFU keyboard anyone? I love this keyboard to death and I have an article about how to get this here!

21. Arctic Z1 Pro stands for my monitor. I love these things but I do admit. I wish I had bought the dual arm for both the monitors. I didn’t think that through.

22. Xbox Elite Controller. Exclusively used for driving games.

23. Wireless charging pad since I wanted to not have to worry about plugging my phone in every time it needed some power. 

What I want to change?

This is a loaded question in a way. I love my setup and it’s cozy to me but I would love to change a few things. One I’ve done but haven’t really taken a good photo of yet, which is raise my computer and stick the AMP and audio interface under it. I’m 98% happy with that project but have some final touches I’d love to do. The other big thing is get a wider and longer desk. I always feel like I’m running out of space doing projects, which kills me.

I thought a lot about doing this article and the possible takes aways from it. I wanted this one to be more of a dissection of my gear to break it down for people. I prefer a cluttered setup myself and I wanted to show people that item placement is really important on your desk as well as making sure you love your setup.

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  1. Thank you, you answered all of my questions and more! Add me if you have time on all social media I’m WorldWideScales ?

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