Battlestation Setup Tips / Guide - Part 4

My personal journey into building my setup and tips on how to take your setup to the next level.

Battlestation Discussion 4

It’s been a while since we spoke about some setup improvements. So I figured, why not make an article about some smaller gadgets and what not that either I’ve used or still have now.  This is includes a quick keyboard review, and some discussions about accessories and some convenient items that I use around my setup. Let’s get right into it.

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Here we go - Ganss GK 87 Pro Review

ganss gk87

First things first. Obviously we are going to want some dope RGB to start things off, right?! Well, maybe not, but the Ganss GK87 Pro is a great bang for your buck keyboard.  I still use the keyboard as a spare on my test rigs at home, but it’s something that I really can’t part with. I mean, where else are you going to find under, cherry switches, and PBT caps for under 120 USD dollars?

So let’s start with some features.

The Mini Review

The lighting modes vary for the back-lighting. You can program what keys you want on, adjust brightness, and it has multiple lighting modes (which truthful didn’t interest me). However, the downside here is the only colour it sports is an ice blue.

The plate is aluminum while the bottom of the Ganss GK87 Pro is a frosted acrylic material.  It’s completely solid feeling. My favourite part of the board is the 360° RGB lighting (underglow lighting). The LED’s are housed in a frosted plastic that aids in diffusing the lights, which it does very well. The colours are very vibrant and have quite a few programmable modes to them. Solid colours included!

The key caps are PBT material, with a matte-finish texture. The switches are official Cherry’s and I opted to get them in Cherry Reds. They feel great to type on and the slightly textured finish that come stock with it are amazing. My only complaint here is the space bar is a bit sensitive. Keep in mind I have a heavier hand and prefer a medium to heavier switch.  There was a very small amount of rattling from the stabilizers, but I was very impressed with how well they fair compared to my other boards.

Other thoughts:

  • Non removable USB cable.
  • While the backlighting is adjustable, I personally feel even on the lowest setting it’s still VERY bright.
  • The anti slip pads on the board are pretty good actually.
  • Super vibrant underglow LEDs.
  • Good stabilizers.
You can buy the Ganss GK87 Pro directly off with a variety of different switch types.

Accessories for your board and setup

One thing that I ALWAYS use when swapping out my keycap sets is a keycap puller. You can pick them up for under 6 dollars on amazon. In particular, I use this one as my go to: Stainless Steel Keycap Remover.  It double’s as a switch puller if you end up getting a hotswappable keyboard as well! It beats using your finger’s and it is super durable.

Another questions I always get asked is, “What is a good cheap keycap set?” Honestly, there is a lot of them and you can pick them up from Amazon. I recommend you using PBT sets to start as some of the cheaper ABS sets are just plain bad in my opinion. PBT plastic doesn’t shine as much with prolonged usage of your keyboard.

And lastly, I get asked a lot what mouse I have, and it’s the Model O and it’s awesome. I will be getting a final mouse soon, so expect a comparison video.

How do I apply this to my battlestation?

As the title says of this section, how on earth do I apply all that stuff you just wrote / spoke about to my battlestation and how does this even affect me?

Truthfully, it’s pretty plug and play with the keyboard. All these item’s aren’t needed to make an awesome setup, but have all been great in helping me make mine!

My Advice: Do what is right for you and remember that everyone is different!

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  1. You should do one on finding wallpapers. I’ve always struggled with this. People would be like wallpaper engine is great but once I got it I still struggled to find cool wallpapers that fit my setup. Keep up the great work you’ve been doing man! I have really been enjoying your content

    1. First of all, thank you so much! I can definitely do a guide about that for next week!! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the content!!

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