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Mohawk Keycaps
Franky-Dank and Mummy

Keycap By: Mohawk Caps
Photos taken in House by alex

Hello ツ

Franky-Dank and Mummy are the newest additions to my collection of wonderful keycaps. They are wonderfully sculpted and the colors are vibrants and not muted at all. The particulars colors I have are in a MiTO inspired “Laser” theme but go well with any colorful board.

As per the usual, I am going to leave some comments and thoughts about the cap! Keycap quality, stem fit, finish. Let’s get it going!

Keycap Quality

This is my first keycap from Mohawk Caps but a welcomed addition. The quality is out of this world and the attention to detail is very present. Seriously, zoom into the mummy keycaps up above and take a look at the smaller details in the sculpt, you’ll be blow away! The thing that stood out to me was the vibrant colors of these particular caps. With the TOFU keyboard’s backlighting, they almost seem to glow on their own and it’s incredible. There are absolutely no cons from me in terms fo quality here.

Stem Fit

As per the usual, this is the part I am VERY critical about. However, I am happy to say there was nothing wrong with the stem and Mohawk Caps did a great job with how well it fits to the switch stem. He even included his logo around the stem for added detail, I’m a sucker for things in the stem area of the keycap.

Finish & Thoughts

Texturing and finish are fantastic. While these are more themed around the spooky season, these will be a permanent addition to my TOFU board as the keys are just done so damn well. I’m hard-pressed to find a negative.

My final thoughts? Well I’m damn happy with these and I can’t wait to see what else Mohawk Caps does next!

How did you take these photos?

Camera equipment used is a Sony A7rii and a 55mm Sony FE Zeiss f/1.8 with some macro tube extensions. I also use continuous LED panels to set up these shots for lighting. 

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