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The Plume65 took me by surprise in a lot of ways. Visually it’s simple and has small, yet striking features. It’s a keyboard that you just want on your workstation and one that you just don’t want to stop typing on. Here is a quote from their website:

The goal of the Plume 65 was to make the board that I would want on my desk everyday.  It is the culmination of the design elements that have excited me over the years and my itch has been scratched by having them all in one place.  I hope you enjoy it and the many designs to come from Plume Keyboards!

I am so glad I had the opportunity to review and build the board.  This is definitely one of the best boards I’ve had the pleasure to use all year. For full transparency, I was sent a prototype version of this board for review’s sake but that does not affect my review at all.

Build Experience

The Plume65 is a top mounted aluminum board with a brass or stainless steel weight to the bottom rear of the case.  One of the highlights of the Plume65 is the choices of bottom weights. I did only use brass weights in the prototypes I was sent, but It’s a very fancy addition to have them both listed and stainless steel is always a treat!

The Plate

The stock option is aluminum or brass, but they did mention other plates being available as extras to the winners of the raffle. I will talk about my experiences with their aluminum plate and brass plates, as well as two optional mounting styles here.

The plate itself was great! If you tune into to my Twitch streams, you’ll notice some plates can be aggressively tight and need some really love and care to get certain switches in, like Gat Black Inks. In this case the tolerances of the Plume65’s plate was a dream to work with. We tried a variation of JWK switches and Gatereon switches and both fit in snug with no large amount of pressure needed.

Mounting the plate to the top can be done in two ways; burger mount or traditional screw down. 

To clarify, the burger mount uses longer screws in the additional of o-rings to allow some move or “bounce” of the plate/pcb in the case. This allows for a softer typing experience and allows you to tune how soft or stiff you want it but tightening the screws down to the o-rings. It’s actually quite nice feeling and marginally affects the sound profile in our testing.

The screw down mount is a bit stiffer but is the mounting style Plumekeyboards recommended me trying. In which I did and I loved it! For my personal build I will be stick with the screw down variant.


Case Assembly

I’d love to say this was a breeze, because it was to me, but I can definitely see this being a head scratcher since the assembly of it is quite unique! Since the weight wraps from the bottom to the back, it actually hides 4 of the screws. So, you end up screwing down the weight last after everything is said and done. It’s actually pretty simple.
All in all, it was a fun time!

The Plume65’s engraved badge on the brass weight.

What are my final thoughts?  It’s a fantastic case and a wonderful project.  I really, and I really do mean this, hope they make a round 2 of the board with some other colour variants.

Sound test?

It sounds great and can be viewed at the video on the bottom right of the screen or above in the intro. It’s an amazing sounding board and an absolute pleasure to type on.

It’s a great offering from Plume Keyboards and it’s a huge win in my books. You can always view more of their projects on their website listed above or their Instagram.

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The Plume65 on an Auramech deskpad.

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