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The Salvation set out to create a vibrant and soft typing experience, and it not only achieved that, but it did so in a way I didn’t expect. The Salvation is a tray mount keyboard, yes. Usually tray mount keyboards get a bad rap for stiffer and usually ‘pingy’ sound profile. This is typically caused by there being mounting points for your plate/pcb assembly on the bottom of the aluminum, giving you no where to absorb impact and create a very stuff typing experience.

Now, here is where the Salvation shakes up the game. It uses a innovative leaf spring system as it’s mounting points. Here is a quote from their website:

The leaf springs provide exceptional flexibility, allowing the entire plate/PCB subassembly to yield under keystrokes and vibrate in isolation from the case. The result is a typing experience that is soft and vibrant across the whole keyboard.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to review and build the board!  For full transparency, this is not a paid review.  I was sent a prototype version of this board to review, but that does not affect my thoughts at all. Please keep in mind, Salvun is a sponsor of mine and ethics regarding this written review and other reviews have been discussed.

I hope you enjoy some short thoughts and impressions of the board.

Build Experience

The Salvation is a leaf spring tray mount case. It really changed the way I looked what a tray mount can be! Not only that, but the Salvation is accepts a wide variety of standard 60% pcbs and plates! It does come with a PCB and an FR4 plate though!  

The Plate

The stock option is FR4 like I mentioned, and it makes for a fun and clacky build experience. The board definitely has a brighter sound signature with a few switches I tried (h1’s, JWK, and Inks). Alternatively, you can opt to go plateless which was my preference of build! It made for an extremely flexy and bouncy build, which translated into one of the softest typing experience I’ve ever tried!

Some notes: When going plateless, you can indeed use the weirdflex PCB, but if you’re a really heavy typist, I’d suggest something without flexcuts. I’m not the heaviest typer, but I do have a heavier hand and still found no issues.

You can also opt for the hotwap variant and in that case I do strongly recommend the included FR4 plate being installed as well.

Case Assembly

The spring leaf mounts were really fun to install. However, it was a tad bit tedious. Part of the leaf spring mount part needs some filing down as there is some extra material when taking them from their cutout. Removing the extra material on the leaf springs (FR4 material) is to ensure nothing will clip on your leaf spring areas. You’d want to do this prior to build and in a well ventilated area. Once that is out the way, the assembly relies on two screw down points to stabilize the build while the PCB rests on the leaf springs. This makes swapping extra PCBs in and out really easy.
All in all, I had fun and it was a great experience!

The leaf spring mounts in the Salvation.

Sound demo with H1 switches.

What are my final thoughts?  At 295 USD, it’s definitely something that stands out in terms of its mounting style. It does have a more simplistic design, but still manages to wow me with it’s edges.

Sound test? Remember, sound is subjective!

It sounded fun! The real joy of this board is the typing experience, but as previously mentioned, it has a brighter sound signature and for lovers of that, this is a perfect fit. I did manage to get a deeper sound when using it plateless and using inks, so I can’t wait to keep trying new things with this board!

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The Salvation with Striker by Zambumon.

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